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Welcome to your new website!

Welcome, this is our role-play crew page called "The Kingz of 187" and we take role-play seriously but want to have fun doing it.  If you would like to join in our role-play or just mess around on GTA with us please sign in or make an account and make yourself a bio and talk to one of our members...

  • Must have a mic
  • PS3 only unless you want to post some of your XBOX work on here
  • Must be mature
  • You don't have to be in our youtube videos
  • And have fun
  • represent us
  • Try and use imgur

Please enjoy yourself and don't create a lot of beef, thank you!

Heres an example of a character bio

"Me?  Im Gino Rossi, but you call me the business man or you don't talk again.  My specialties?  Thats simple, i have connections everywhere and make money quick and easy.  I am the one you go to if you are having trouble with the court, i am the one you go to for business problems!"

You like what you see?  Sign up now and enjoy it first hand!
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